We are an Edinburgh based group who enjoy cycling in the countryside


Arrangements for Weekend Trips

Rides vary in length. There are often shorter or longer ways of completing the ride but it is up to you the participant to ensure that you are aware of the length and nature of the route and you should inform the leader (on the day) if you propose to take a different route. Carrying a map is essential.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We do not have a bank account so the leader will ask for any accommodation or transport cost they pay on behalf of the participants to be paid in advance. This cannot be guaranteed to be returned should that participant then cancel, though any rebate from the accommodation is passed on.

The rides are co-ordinated by the leader. The leader's primary role is to arrange transport. Depending on the level of car ownership of the participants there will either be car sharing or a van may be hired to take the bikes while people travel by bus/train or car. Costs are pooled. Please note that sometimes it is impossible to accommodate everybody without incurring an unreasonable cost, in which case someone may have to drop out. Any deposit they have paid is refunded. Late bookers may have to make their own arrangements.

The leader may choose to arrange a block booking at the hostel. This invariably means that a deadline has to be set and late bookers will have to make their own arrangements. Other leaders ask everyone to book individually.
Saturday evening meal is taken together, but it is not always possible to be self-catering.